Friday, November 03, 2006

The Purple Finger of Freedom

Picture courtesy of The General.

Absolutely top rate, mon General. Reminds me of the Nixon era Flying Fickle Finger of Fate, updated for the current crop of office holders that are soon to be investigated and/or recommended for indictment. Gonna make Watergate look like chump change.

On the home front, a total of one inch of rain, giving the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods a total of one inch and a half for the year. I used to have a chalkboard next to the door to the deck where my rain gauge is. I would come inside from emptying the gauge and keep the totals on that chalkboard. Since I've packed the chalkboard away, I've decided to keep track of the totals here. Not enough rain to wash away the leaves that have been collecting in the creek all summer. The first big rain will push it downstream, changing the water from crystal clear to muddy brown.

Token and I just took a short walk about in order for him to do his business. It has stopped raining but water is still dripping off the trees. The air is damp and misty, smelling clean and fresh yet with undertones of damp decay that mixes so well with the smells of fireplaces burning creating what is in my mind the true smell of autumn. The damp air reminds me of talk when I was a wee thing of the reason English lasses have such fine complexion is because of the fog and damp air.

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