Monday, November 27, 2006

Stormy Monday

It started raining yesterday afternoon - not really a hard stormy rain - just a light but steady rain. I've gotten 3/4" so far, bringing my year to date total to 4 inches. The sun is trying to break through the clouds with little luck although it is supposed to clear later today. The maple tree off the deck has lost a good deal of its leaves - compare this one with the picture I posted 11/19.

It has been cold up here on the mountain. Friday's dawn revealed a temp of 33 degrees and it stayed there until a wee bit after 9am. Since then, lows have been hovering around 40 degrees. Usually when it rains, my temperature moderates with the high running around 55 and the low 50 but this is a cold storm and the weather dude said it will get colder today. Yikes, it is only 48 now. Last night, Bailey the cat crawled in under the covers with me. Amazing how friendly she gets as the temperature drops. It will be officially cold when she gets under the covers when there is a d-o-g also under the covers. Last night did not count because Token had a sleep over at Goldie's.

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