Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Which Way Is Up?

Now I hear the man who was interested in the cottage by the creek in the redwoods (notice the name change as suggested by my realtor) is interested in an outright purchase as opposed to the lease/option that he was interested in before. He is stopping by tomorrow (Thurs) morning so keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Oy. My head is spinning with questions and numbers and questions about numbers. I know what the cottage cost me, what my payoff is, and the approximate value of it. The big question is how much do I reduce the cost of the cottage by to offset the costs of using real estate agents (one for me - one for the buyer) and reducing the time it would take to sell (which is currently 120 days in this market)?

How much am I willing to discount for an immediate sale? Last night talking with B-man, my head got woozy and I actually got nauseous trying to keep track of all the numbers tossed into the air.

Yesterday and today, I spent both afternoons on my hands and knees (yeah I know I'm not supposed to do that with the fake knee) with a scrub brush trying to bleach clean the frigging white brick pattern vinyl floor in the kitchen that dates back to 1970. I've been cleaning the cottage top to bottom in preparation of whichever way it goes. Either prep to sell and move or prep to move without having to do all that open house and showing stuff.

I'll be putting the majority of my stuff into storage, leaving just the essentials (sofa, bed, table, etc) if it is to be shown. If the cottage is sold immediately, then it will ALL go into storage until I move.

Oy, so much to go to the dump, to go to storage, to sort out what stays and what goes. I weeded out so much stuff when I moved up here. I also lost ALL my Christmas stuff in the process along with one box of kitchen things that naturally contained all my cooking pots and pans and my baking pans and trays. I'm trying real hard to not let anything get lost this time. The majority of the kitchen stuff was replaceable. My lifetime of Christmas things and baking pans from when I was a young thang were not.

B-man and N will be totally out by Friday and they will clean the front bedroom, leaving just paint to do in there. B-man and I are coordinating the dump runs and storage runs with the take to Mountain Thrift runs.

Decisions, decisions, double dayam decisions. My weak spot. My being a Libra and always trying to be fair to everyone. My being a second guesser about myself, always questioning my decisions. My first hand and up close experiences with my rat-bastoid cousin, Murphy and his dratted law. My being Irish on both sides. Egad!

The picture is looking down on the creek from the deck.

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