Monday, September 18, 2006

M Word Day

It is that most dreaded of days - M-word Day. The start of the work week. I no longer work (outside of the home) but that does not lessen the sting M-word Day still leaves. I was supposed to meet with Mary the Realtor today but all the work I have been doing inside the home has had an impact on my old bones, not to mention what the dust kicked up has done to my sinuses. I've rescheduled the meeting until Thursday.

I've still got some work to do. Still have to paint the bathroom (alas, farewell gorgeous blue and hello boring neutral) and paint the front bedroom. Younger daughter had partially painted one wall a deep dark periwinkle-ish that will need to be primed over before re-painting that room yet another boring neutral.

The outside of the cottage by the creek in the redwoods looks lovely! Everything has been blown off, vacuumed, cleaned, and/or spot-painted where needed. I took these pictures this afternoon, showing the front. The side yards still need to be straightened up but the shed side yard is almost done. The other side yard is shared with B-man and N and it still needs a lot of cleaning up. B-man has been doing the majority of his construction stuff there. He still has a couple of things he needs to finish before the tools can be moved out and it put back to two side yards again.

It is a sad day when Amnesty International has to ask Americans to join them in denouncing torture - by Americans! Click on their Act Now link to see the full page ad that ran in the New York Times and to send a letter to your elected representatives that you do not want America to allow torture, indefinite detentions, and secret trials.

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