Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Summer is coming to a close at the little cabin by the creek in the redwoods and I am cherishing each small milestone.

Last night, I saw Mama Deer and her two babies walking alongside the creek at dusk. They were on the deer path along the right side of the creek in this picture. The babies are getting big, almost as tall as Mama Deer. I hadn't seen them since spring when they were still quite small. My brother was up for a bbq Labor Day and, of course, the deer showed up the following night. The deer go elsewhere during the summer, returning to the creek for acorns in the fall.

Today, I saw a large yellow maple leaf slowly floating by in the creek. The water is only several inches deep in most spots but stays cold no matter how hot the temp gets.

A closeup of the first picture (using that nice little zoom feature). You can just barely see where the creek zags to the right before joining the San Lorenzo.

We hit 94 degrees here today but stayed comfy in the little cabin with the shutters all closed. Now all the doors and windows are open and it is 78 outside. Weather dude said we will be out of the 90's and back into our usual mid-80's tomorrow.

Seeing Mama Deer tells us fall is just around the corner, as did the yellow maple leaf in the creek. The brazen-hussy squirrels are checking out the oaks daily, waiting for this year's acorn crop.

This is the view as you cross the bridge and head up to the main road. I'll be heading across the bridge and over the hill to the freeway Monday as I start my road trip to Oregon. I was going to go this week but George the mechanic won't be able to fix my headlight and do the "going on a trip inspection" until Saturday.

On the plus side of delaying the trip, Jen, my oldest, is coming up Sunday for a visit (and dinner). Always good to see her face!

Unfortunately, my digital camera appears to be trying to die. It will only take 7 or 8 pictures now before declaring itself full.

I'm going to get one (or two) of those disposable cameras for the trip. Want to have lots of pictures to help in making my decision about where this old broad is going to hang her hat.

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