Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home For Sale

There was a man interested in buying the little cabin by the creek in the redwoods. A friend of a friend. We talked last weekend and he was going to get back to me by Wednesday or Thursday. I did not hear from him either day. Nothing Friday either. Saturday, I heard from our mutual acquaintance that he will be coming by Sunday.

By this time, I already knew. It was going to be a no.

This morning, he did in fact stop in and say that "the market wasn't right". If he had really been interested in the little cabin by the creek in the redwoods, he would have contacted me when he said he would. His non-action was speaking volumes to me before he ever spoke a word.

I called Mary Wold, a Boulder Creek Realtor who was referred to me this past spring by my friend Ron. I met with her at that time and agree she is, as Ron put it, the hardest working real estate agent in the San Lorenzo Valley. My mom, who is the hardest working real estate agent in the Palm Springs area, would like her too.

Mary will be calling again later today with a preliminary market comparison. We are pricing it for a quick sale. Ha - have I mentioned that I am double Irish?

I need to be out fast. I would have liked to have the For Sale sign up before I leave but ...

Mary would prefer that I postpone my trip until Tuesday. We will set up an appointment for tomorrow morning to do the paperwork to sell. When I leave depends on what time we get done.

Hopefully, putting the place on the market will hold off any foreclosure until it sells. I was unable to make last month's mortgage payment and the prospects for this month's payment being made is nil.

Tomorrow (or perhaps Tuesday), I drive over the wood bridge and head up to Oregon. A part of me just wants to find the first place I can rent that is decent and move there with no pick and choose about what part of Oregon it is in. Another side of me hates moving and tells me to take my time and find something I will like. Another part of me says it really doesn't matter - I'm not going to find another little cabin by the creek in the redwoods to love.

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