Monday, August 21, 2006

Had Enough?

Have you had enough?
Are you safer?
Are you better off than you were 6 years ago?

Are our country's resources protected?

Do you remember when civil liberties were protected?

Do you remember when people were hired for their ability to do the job, as opposed to what political platform they support and who they went to school with?

Do you remember when it cost less than a day's wages to fill up the car?

Do you remember not having to choose between food and filling a prescription?

Do you remember Medicare before the donut hole?

Do you remember Hurricane Andrew? Do you remember Florida a year after Andrew?

Do you remember New Orleans? Have you seen New Orleans now a year after Katrina?

Do you remember what it was like to not be spied upon by our government?

Do you remember when America was looked to as a beacon of liberty and freedom?

Do you remember when America had accountability in government?

Do you remember trusting our government to do the right thing?

Do you remember trusting our government on anything?

Do you remember when losing an election, the politician admitted he lost and supported the winner, instead of demanding a do over?

Do you remember when Congress held our government accountable for its actions?

Are you better off than you were 6 years ago?
Are you safer?
Have you had enough?

Listen to this song. Then ask yourself again, Have You Had Enough?

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  1. Thanks very much for offering the download. Please accept my gratitude. The whole story of how Rickie Lee Jones and the 2 guys from The Squirrel Nut Zippers (Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher) came to record the song is here at Down With Tyranny.

    We're doing our best to get it on the radio so people start to get familiar with it and we've offered it for free download at (and in 2 weeks it will be available for free on all the big digital services). The goal, though is a little more involved. We've made 30 second radio spots out of the song. For targeted districts, with particularly terrible incumbents and particularly excellent challengers (like Jerry McNerney taking on Dick Pombo in CA-11 and Vic Wulsin taking on Mean Jean Schmidt on OH-02) we've replaced the line "it's time to throw the rascals out" with "it's time to throw Pombo out" and "it's time to throw Mean Jean out."

    The districts we're targeting can all be called "dollar a holla" media markets. A very little bit of money can go a relatively long way. Our hope is to get our ads up on the radio during October. We're trying to raise $250,000, not just for these two districts but for as many of the Blue America candidates as we can help. The list is here: And that is also a place where, if you think it's worthwhile, you can chip in some money too. Even $10, if enough people chip in, will be incredibly helpful.

    It's been a real grassroots project from Day One and now supporters of candidates are doing remixes and making video clips and spreading it virally. This week a supporter of Coleen Rowley sent me a little video he made, which is up on YouTube. It's cute:

    I'm sure you know Bush and his rubber stamp Congress aren't going away of their own accord. We can expect terror alerts and God knows what else from them to sway a voting public that has become increasingly disgusted with them. It makes people feel good to take part in ousting them and freeing themselves. Thanks for any help you can give and please don't hesitate to send me suggestions.

    Howie Klein