Monday, April 18, 2011

The Yawn

I had just laid Julianna in her crib -- she had been dozing in my arms -- so that I could take some pictures of her. Notice she immediately got one arm free.

After getting both hands free, her wee little rosebud of a mouth starting to open... will it be a cry or a yawn?

Tis a yawn! A great big one.

After which, she propped her hand up against her cheek, opened her eyes, and looked around as if deciding to stay awake or go back to sleep. Her other hand is holding the blanket up against her chin. Julianna loves having her hands near her face. The ultrasound pictures I had previously posted show her with her hands up near or on her face.

Jen had given her her first bath before I arrived. I could still smell her new baby smell tho -- Julianna Renee smells wonderful!

Her hair photographs redder than it is -- right now her hair is a medium brown but I can see both red and gold highlights in her hair, depending on how the light hits it.

Stephanie is flying out this week -- she arrives Friday and then flies back to Colorado Monday. I'm going to be going back to Jen's to hang out with both my girls this weekend and hope to be able to take a picture of Mike, Jen, and Julianna. Today was a short visit and it just didn't work out taking a family picture today.

I was glad to see Jen fall asleep after feeding Julianna this afternoon -- she looked so peaceful sleeping that I didn't wake her to say I was headed home. I got in some prime Jujube time while Jen snoozed and Julianna was sleeping as good as her mom when I left.

I promise to post some non-grammy stuff this week. Hoping to have a sunset or two to share.


  1. We're fine with the grammy stuff, y'know!

    I love how she seems to pose. She reminds me a little of Audrey Hepburn, for some reason, that same elegance. Even while yawning. It just looks so deliberate, calculated to extract maximum "aaawwws!" from everyone around.

    Yup. She'll conquer the world someday. She's already got a good start!

  2. she does pose dana. she knows when that camera is pointed at her.

    i totally agree about the elegance jujube has -- her long fingers and expressive hands with graceful motion for only being 8 days old. tis going to be fun watching her grow into what she will become -- and i know she will always have her hands somewhere near her face ...

  3. LoudounLib9:33 PM

    You captured the pre-yawn and yawn very well Suz! She is sooooo cute and sweet :-)

  4. thanks LL. i wholeheartedly agree but have to say that she is even cuter and sweeter in person!

  5. LoudounLib9:53 PM

    No doubt - I would never want to put her down or hand her off to anyone else; what a huggable li'l critter!

  6. what with stephanie and i both there this weekend, i'm thinking jen will only get to hold her for feedings :) its been hard to say who has been more excited about julianna - stephanie or me. i can't wait to see stephanie holding her (but only until it is my turn)

  7. Love that look in the last photo, as if she's asking "I'm busy here. Don't you have something else to do?"

  8. indeed she does cujo :) such a grown up look on a wee babe only 8 days old

  9. teddy -- i know i'm biased but... she is the cutest baby evah... i do a squeee ever time i see her :)

  10. she is a very lucky kid to have such an appreciative grandma!

  11. i'm the lucky one teddy -- i get to be grammy to her :)