Sunday, April 10, 2011

By Popular Demand

More photos of Julianna Renee. Tomorrow I will head to Mike and Jen's house to help out for a few days -- or however long it takes for the household (including my grand-doggies Dublin and Dodger) to adjust to having a baby in the house.

Jen and Julianna get to go home Monday :) :) :)

She didn't like it at first when the nurse starting cleaning her up but then she settled right down.

Part-way cleaned up and she's watching and wondering....

One eye open -- working on getting the other one open

After the nurse put ointment on her eyes and she was all cleaned, diapered, and wearing a hat.

Jujube with her Aunt Stacy. Stacy is married to Mike's brother and is who took Jen to the hospital Friday while Mike left work and met them there. Stacy was there the whole time, helping Jen and Mike, and ordered a couple great pizzas for us to eat Friday night. She's a rock and I love having her in the family.

EDIT: forgot to mention there are also other photos on my Facebook page


  1. LoudounLib8:15 PM

    I can't get over how cute Jujube is - those cheeks! That nose! That perfect skin! Thanks for posting these pics Grammy :-)

  2. she's even better in person LL -- all that cuteness and new baby smell!!! those cheeks -- i saw them in her ultrasound pictures but they are even better than i had imagined. she gets her perfect skin from her mom and sure looks like jen when jen was a baby.

  3. teddy -- stacy is a wonderful person and such a good friend to jen. i got to know her better during our trip to ca for jen's baby shower. by the end of the trip, i understood why jen is so attached to her. she's amazing!

  4. LoudounLib11:07 PM

    Dropping by again to say that the pic with Aunt Stacy is so sweet - Aunt Stacy looks like a total earth mother type, her face looks so kind and loving :-)

  5. she is ll -- totally grounded and practical with a great sense of humor!