Friday, April 22, 2011

Red House

I featured Gary Moore last night on my Late Late Night post. During the thread, I found this cover of Red House by him at the Wembley Arena as part of the 50th annivesary of The Strat concert 2004. Fantastic cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic. I linked to the video in the comments last night but also wanted to share it here.

Stephanie flew into Portland today. Jen and Steph are having some sister time today. I'll drive over the Coast Range tomorrow and join them for the rest of the weekend. Gonna enjoy time with both my girls and, of course, my grandbaby Jujube.

Token is gonna hang out at the Canine Garden Resort -- he loves it there. From his perspective, its like going to the grandparents house where he will be loved, spoiled, loved some more, and then spoiled again. He loves having fun running on the beach with Bean -- Mel and Marie's (the owners) dog -- in fact I think he loves doing everything with Bean.

Bean looks a lot like Token, just bigger. Marie said that she always thought Bean was a small dog, until she saw Bean and Token standing side by side. I'll have to remember to take a picture of Bean and Token -- they are best buds. It reminds me of how Token and Goldie (his sister and our former neighbors) were -- they chase each other and play doggie games and sleep together. There is a picture of Bean at their website on the right hand side bar-- he is almost as cute as Token. If you click on their about us, you will learn the story of how Bean came to live at the Canine Garden Resort.

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