Saturday, April 09, 2011

Presenting Miss Julianna Renee

Trying to open her eyes after being cleaned up.

With her mom.

With her dad.

With me.

Grammy and Jujube.


Born at 10:34 am April 9, 2011 after a long hard labor but totally worth it.
7lbs 15 oz
20 inches long
14" head
Apgars of 8 and 9 -- very good numbers!

I'm walking on air -- being a grammy is a wonderful thing.


  1. She's perfect! So glad to meet her at last! And she couldn't ask for a better Mama, Daddy and Gran!

  2. LoudounLib4:56 PM

    What a beautiful baby! I'm so happy for you all!

  3. Congratulations Suz... Looks all are just beaming with happiness ☺ ☺
    So you finally made the club Grammy... We were all waiting with bated breath last evening till the wee hours... And Julianna is beautiful... Best wishes from all of us here in RWC and Tucker says Woof Woof!!

  4. Julianna Renee

    A long time birthing little Julianna Renee;
    Finally came the day—
    Or was it night?
    Doesn’t matter, the time was just right
    For little Julianna Renee

  5. She doesn't look like a melon AT ALL! What were those silly emailers talking about all these months? What an adorable grandchild, I'm so happy mother, child, and dad are all happy and well.

  6. That first photo has gran's "not my first time at the rodeo, fellahs" attitude, I just love it!

  7. omg....isnt she lovely ,isnt she WONDERFUL
    strummin my guitar to Stevies lyrics ...all the best!!...sadlyyes

  8. emerson8:58 PM

    Hey Julianna Renee-you're a 49er! We're partial to you in the Bay Area, you know. Happy Birthday!

  9. oh, what a little sweetie! Congrats!

  10. spurious10:58 PM

    congrats, suz! looks like a keeper!

  11. Yay!

    Congratulations, Suzanne.

  12. Good deal.
    Congrats from me and Nasty Girl to you all.

  13. Hey!

    I came here Sunday for my DAY TWO fix!

    What's with these stale photos? Get grandma'ing, already. I mean, Jujube is twice as old as she was and still no pix!

  14. wow -- thanks everyone

    dana -- thanks. she's even better in person :) amazing even :) we are so lucky to have her in our family.

    ll -- thanks. she's a bee-you-ti-ful baby and i am going to enjoy watching her become who she is.

    nahant - thanks dood. granny club! i had no idea dood, none at all :) token hasnt met his 'niece' yet but he's gonna love her too.

    robert -- a poem for jujube! thanks dood, means a lot to me and it really captures her 'entrance'. when the time was right for her...

    teddy -- dood, they were 'size' descriptors -- not baby descriptors (lmao) thanks so much -- she really did have a where the hell am i now look about her.

    sadly -- thanks hon. she's gonna have a lotta stevie in her life :)

    emerson -- shhh dood -- her mom and dad are both raiders fans. thank goodness she has her grammy to expose her to the 9rs :)

    ndfg -- thanks -- grammyhood is going to be such a blast -- you are now gonna have competition for best grammy ever :)

    spur -- she is a keeper for sure.

    thanks cujo

    busted and ng dood my granddaughter is better looking than your granddaughter :)

    theodore -- jen said for me to stay home today and come to her house tomorrow. unfortunately no new pics until tomorrow night at the earliest. patience dood :)

    everyone -- thank you so very very much for all the support ya'll gave me on friday's baby wait lln thread and here at my little place. julianna renee has a bumper crop of 'grandpups' -- what a way to enter my family and the fdl family -- with so much love.... thank you

  15. Congratulations to all, and may a happy and successful life be the future.


    OT: I can forgive Republican revisionism - but a 49'ers fan, Suz? Tsk.


    darkblack & silver