Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grammy Fix

So thankful to Jen for sending me these pictures -- I forgot my camera when I went to her house last weekend when Stephanie was there.

Here's a picture of Steph holding Julianna:

Jujube was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in one hip -- it was caught very early by her super-observant pediatrician who referred Jujube to a specialist. That preliminary diagnosis was confirmed this week by the specialist and Jujube was fitted for a brace she will have to wear 24 hours a day for the next month.

This is a picture of her in her carseat -- as you can see, the brace keeps her legs and hips in the perfect position for sitting with her legs velcroed into the leg section. You can also see the velcro band that wraps around her chest in this picture, as well as the bottom latch for her carseat straps.

Jen said that Julianna appears to not have even noticed that she's in a brace and is doing fine. She will be re-examined in a month to see if she will need to wear it longer or if the hip joint is now aligned properly.


  1. LoudounLib6:20 PM

    Awwww, sweet sweet pics!

    I hope that brace works quickly for Julianna; the good thing is that she's so young now, she won't have any memory of having to wear it once her hip is aligned.

  2. i am very thankful it was caught so early. her pedi felt a wee click when she was giving jujube her first out of hospital exam two days after discharge. talking with jen, the specialist said it was rare to be caught so early and that early treatment is the key. jujube has a great pediatrician!

  3. ZOMG so cute! I love those pics. She's getting more beautiful by the day!

    Such a good thing the pediatrician's so sharp. A month vs. years to fix - awesome!

  4. dana -- jen did real good in selecting jujube's pediatrician. she's such an aswesome mom already!

    i've uploaded all my jujube pics to a picasso web album -- hope that link embedded works

  5. errr awesome.. i do know how to spell