Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I Sneeze

I'm sneezing - a lot. The white stuff ya see on the bay isn't whitewater or waves -- tis a mass of pollen that has fallen onto the bay and has been pushed together by the waves and tides. Today's high tide pushed only a wee bit of the mass into the cove -- there is a lot more of it up at the north end of the bay.

Another day with overcast skies and only the faintest hint of the sun. Still, temps are in the mid to high 60's -- tis warmer than it looks. Meanwhile, I'm sneezing like one of them characters in a Disney cartoon.

A couple more photos of the rose that tries to eat the stairs. In the first, you can see why it gets called that; the second is a closeup.

The last photo is the rose outside my bedroom window.

If I remember correctly, that is pink columbine behind it.


  1. ZOMG, that's a lotta pollen. I'm sneezing just looking at it! Perhaps it's a sympathy sneeze.

    The rose that tries to eat the stairs is aptly named. It's beautiful, but it also looks vaguely like something out of a horror movie. You expect it to leap out and eat the next passer-by. And the rose outside the bedroom window is the good twin. They're both wonderful!

  2. hey dana -- its even worse to the north of me -- we need a good rain to wash it all away and clean the air.

    the rose that eats the stairs is so beautiful -- wild and very old fashioned.

    i love the tangerine of the bedroom rose. glad ya like them

  3. Up here they keep saying that the pollen counts are fine. Tough to imagine, though. We haven't had any rain for a while, either.

  4. hey cujo -- i've not heard anything about pollen counts here - all i know is that i'm sneezing and my eyes water.

    i wish it would rain