Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Netarts Bay was 88 degrees today. Hottest it has been since I've been here and tomorrow and Thursday are forecast to be even hotter. Drove into town to run some errands today and it was stinking hot. The weather doodette said on the 4pm news that it got up into the 90's in Tillamook this afternoon and I can believe it.

I discovered that the a/c in the car needs to be recharged -- am adding that to the list of things to be checked out at the mechanics. Did some grocery shopping and stopped and made an appointment for a haircut on Friday -- am way overdue and quite shaggy looking and hightailed it back home before I melted.

Picture up top is of low tide this afternoon. As always, check on the picture to biggafy it.


  1. I was thinking Oldsmobile 88 but this was fine too.

  2. *laughing* once a car dood, always a car dood

    has been a great day -- the afternoon breezes have kicked up and the temps have dropped down to a respectable 82.

  3. This is so wierd. Last weekend, we were complaining about the 4th being cold and rainy. Had a fire in the fireplace just yesterday. Now, it's going to be uncomfortably hot.

    Oh, well. Summer in the Northwest.

  4. tis already 93 at the beach today cujo. and ditto on the fire going just a few days ago. i'm gonna get whiplash from all this back and forth between cold, hot, cold, hot.

    reminds me of back when i was carrying my own personal summer around with me and getting hot flashes. there just is no rhyme or reason to it.