Sunday, July 18, 2010


Overcast with high clouds for most of the day. Took the first picture early afternoon when the tide was out.

The second was after dinner when I noticed the boat on the bay as high tide approached. They approached the far point, circled the area for a bit and then headed back behind the point.

Didn't see much of the sun today -- but as you can tell, the day was just as pretty. Stayed in the high 60's today and I was able to run around barefoot most of the day.

Drove into Netarts and picked up some delicious prawn scampi from The Three Capes Cafe -- yummy yummy for my tummy. Was my treat to myself for the month. All in all, a good day off spent lounging about and doing nothing -- magnificently I might add.


  1. Gorgeous views, pleasant weather, excellent food... you've got an outstanding life!

  2. i am very content dana... if it wasn't for those blasted stairs... it would be the perfect place. of course, my views are a wee bit better up here :)