Monday, July 26, 2010

M-Word Day

The bay today:

It was overcast all day -- the ocean breezes aren't breezing so the marine layer is abundant.

I played around a wee bit with the macro function on the camera -- most were too crappy to show but I did have a few shots I liked -- especially fond of these two photos of the rose that tries to eat the stairs.

These are some geraniums in pots -- the first one has a blue lobelia volunteer next to some new shoots of the geranium. Nice to see even the wee plants blooming *and* growing.

This one is a gorgeous color but my photography skills need work:

My pal Dana has a post up at her blog about Oregon geology that focuses on the area just north of me, starting at Tillamook Head up to Ecola. Gorgeous eye candy photos and an easy to understand explanation of why it looks the way it does now. Fascinating stuff!


  1. I don't have a macro mode on my camera, just a "Close Up" mode. It takes some patience, you have to make sure the thing is focusing on the right object. Occasionally, it just refuses to find what it's supposed to, even when it's dead center in the image.

    Pretty roses. Maybe you can transplant them away from the stairs?

  2. hey cujo -- patience and a lotta blurry photos :)

    the rose is a huge climbing rose that is planted below and to the side of the stairs going up the bay side of the deck. i think a lot of it can just be untangled and pushed back while the deck and stairs are dismantled and then replaced. if i remember correctly, it survived when the current deck replaced the one before it in the mid 80's so it should be fine.


    .. yes I am shouting, why do you ask?

    Did you know that the lighthouse out in the water at Tillamook Head has been turned into a columbarium called Eternity At Sea?

    The things I am learning about Oregon...

  4. CAN'T WAIT either teddy :) i'm still learning all kinda stuff myself and did not know that about the lighthouse.

    the closest lighthouse to me is the one at cape meares and is where lotsa birdwatchers go to see the perrigines, black oyster catchers, eagles, and other birds. lovely views of the swirling, crashing waves on the sea stacks and on the rocks below.

  5. Depending on the setting your camera may have you can try holding your hand or a piece of paper close to the object you want a picture of and focus on that.

    Also check the auto-focus settings as you may want a more precise area to focus on.

  6. hey one fly -- this canon came with two (!) manuals - both of which have very small print (at least to my aging eyes). one of these days i'm gonna have to break down and read the forkers.

  7. LoudounLib8:32 PM

    Hey Suz, nice pics and such pretty colors! I love shooting flower pics with the macro setting on my Canon G10. It does take lots of practice, and I used to bug my camera gurus all the time for tips until I got the hang of it. Last summer I took a gorgeous non-macro shot of some lobelia at my sister's place. Love the muted blues of those blooms.

  8. hey ll -- thanks. some days i have the touch and can do it -- others, alas, i don't.

    lobelia is such a pretty blue -- ranging from a bright blue to a deep almost purple blue.