Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I went to the dentist today. Got whole mouth xrays and an examination. When I was retired from the pd, I lost access to dental insurance. Needless to say, not having dental care these past 5 years has had a negative impact on my teeth.

Dr. Ahn said my upper teeth are the worst with only one good tooth up top. He recommends upper dentures and said that I have several teeth that need to be pulled immediately. He said that he would be able to do several of the extractions but that some would have to be done by an oral surgeon. His preliminary estimate to get my mouth healthy again is around $5,000.00 and said that he will mail me the treatment recommendation report and the estimated costs next week.

He said it is around $150.00 for each extraction and another $1,200 or so for the upper plate. He said my lower teeth are in better shape but that there will be at least one root canal in my immediate future.

He also cautioned that once he starts working on my mouth that my dental nerves, which have been fairly non-reactive so far, are going to fire off. A lot. Said that I have several abcesses and will need to be on antibiotics for treatments. Since I have a fake knee, I have to have pre-dental antibiotics but he said this will be beyond that.

Since I am going to be in the Bay Area the weekend of the 25th, I will schedule the "must be done now" stuff for when I return. Not good to go to an event where there is gonna be lotsa food and talking with a mouth that can not do either.



  1. I know all about it. Having experienced what you're going to. You will live Suzanne.

    Through everything never really felt any pain' I had an excellent dentist.

  2. thanks onefly

    it has to be better than it is now. am not looking forward to the process - and i hear that improvements have been made and the dentist is not to be feared anymore but... will be a relief to be able to smile again - to not be ashamed - to talk without trying to keep my lips hiding my teeth. and to be able to eat regularly.

  3. Damn Suz, so sorry to hear of the woe. But get it fixed, however ya have to.

    And make sure you are ok with what you've been told and don't need a second opinion, cuz that's a LOT of work to get done for just two years of no dental cleanings . . . . and besides dentures, did he talk about implants?

    Again, make sure yer ok with the diagnosis, and then, get er done.

    It WILL be better in the end, no doubt. I've had some experience, nothing like yours, but, when it was all over, life was MUCH better. And the cosmetics DO count, a lot, for self confidence.

    Be well.

  4. hey larue - more than five years. and i needed work back then but was maxed out on benefits the final year i had insurance.

    i'm pretty comfy with this guy - got 3 independent recommendations (including one from a health care professional in tilly) and he seems willing to work with me on the costs.

    the smile and eating normal food will be worth it. you are right - my self confidence has taken quite a hit.

    he brought up implants and said that nothing in his treatment plan would prevent me from having implants at a later date.


    Get-R-Done honey.



  6. hey busted - thanks.... once i get his treatmen plan (and get back from CA), i'm gonna start the process. i 'spose i'll be eating errr drinking my meals via the blender for a while.

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hi Suzanne! Here's a whole load of encouragement, best wishes, and hugs. I had a tooth pulled today, in preparation for an implant. Well, the implant actually was done today as well. Then it's several months of healing and then the screw-on crown. The pain relievers are gently doing their thing, the numbness is almost gone, and scrambled eggs are in my near future.
    I'm always a bit uneasy when, once again, it takes an other's story to make me feel pretty damn good. I thank you!

  8. *laughing* glad i could help ya out anonymous. and thanks for the encouragement.

    not looking forward to meals of scrambled eggs, jello, and soup... but it, like most things, will be temporary.

    i hope you continue to heal well and that your wallet isn't in too much pain.