Monday, July 27, 2009


Back from the meetup. Whew, 1,571 miles in 4 days has me plum tuckered out. Had a great time - saw some familiar faces as well as new ones. Here are a few of the photos from the meetup.

The food was fantastic. Yummy yummy and the best dayam peach pie I've ever tasted was made by Nahant (our host).

Singing Happy Birthday to Jane with the birthday pie (with lit candle).

Checking out Nahant's garden. Great tomatoes (especially those little orange ones).

Folks eating and talking in the kitchen.

Teddy, who gave me my new Moderator sign, and our gracious host, Nahant.

The plants are out of the car - will get them up onto the deck slowly. My downstairs neighbor brought up the big heavy orchid pot. Everything else is still downstairs but doing well. Crossing fingers and toes the 100 degree plus heat we traveled through doesn't cause them too much harm. Kept giving them drinks of water at each stop to try to mitigate the temps - hopefully it helped.

Boy was I happy to see fog as I came into Tillamook - foggy the rest of the way home - it was wonderful! Supposed to be over 100 in Portland (and most of Oregon) for several more days but after the fog burned off, it is a very pleasant 79 outside, with a gentle breeze. Weather dood says no fog tomorrow and we will be well into the 80's - hope it is a comfy 80's.


  1. Glad ya had a good time, very glad you made it back safely and enjoy your little heat wave, it is still ninety seven fucking degrees in this trailer at nine thirty at night and supposed to be a hundred and three tomorrow.
    In the shade.

  2. dood - i am so glad i am at the coast. it was hotter than hades driving up 5 yesterday - glad i got in at ohdarkhundred and missed the even warmer temps today.

    tomorrow (and the rest of the week) is gonna be a bitch dood - open invite my friend.

  3. I'm shocked that a former law enforcement official would pal about with such riffraff.


  4. db, didn't ya hear - i'm a DFH now

  5. Oh, dear. Socialized euthanasia, here we come.