Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Everything But Rain

Storm clouds keep threatening to rain but don't deliver. Could use a good rain - the wind is fast drying out any moisture brought by sprinkles. Tis a comfy 63 outside (other than that cold brisk wind) - the winter-like clouds are deceptive.

Was a busy holiday weekend. Had a friend come down from Seattle Friday and stay until Sunday early afternoon. We had fun - went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, ate good food and laughed all weekend long. Stephanie was here Sunday late afternoon until Monday afternoon. Twas a good feeling to fall sleep that night knowing she was in her room doing the same.

Spent yesterday doing all the kitchen cleanup that I put off and did a wee bit of grocery shopping. Today is my 'be a slug' day - a day best spent lounging around inside, listening to the wind, watching the birds at the bird feeder and those flying overhead.


  1. No rain to speak of here, either. I even tried to make it happen by scheduling a walk when the clouds looked the most threatening. All we got was a few drops. Maybe I shouldn't have brought my jacket.

    Welcome to summer in the Northwest.

  2. cujo - i thik we are gonna have to break down and (gasp) wash the car. seems to be the only surefire way left to get rain.