Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer At The Coast

Paddlers on the bay. They paddled back and forth in the late afternoon yesterday. They were out again today in two canoes.

Toward sunset, the birds seem to be enjoying the colorful evening skies reflected in the bay as much as I did. Now the sunsets are moving south again, I am hopeful they will soon no longer be hidden by the trees.

Today was a fog free day without a cloud in the sky. Got up to 84 today but was very comfy. Moved the rest of the plants onto the deck today. Yes, my back is now telling me I should have waited for help but the good feeling that comes from looking out the window and seeing them makes it all worthwhile (that and a well placed ice pack).


  1. You don't have to get far inland for the temperature to get higher. I'm maybe three miles from the Sound and it was still over 100 here yesterday. Hope you got over the back pain.

  2. oh yeah cujo. drove into tilly and it was a lot warmer than here.

    back is doing better. it is what it is no matter how i want to think otherwise.

    wish i could send ya some of my cooling ocean breezes dood