Monday, January 26, 2009

Token and Bailey

Token, wearing a watch cap (mine) and covered by his blanket sleeping in his chair next to the computer.

Bailey by the front door taking care of an itch.

Cold tonight. Was 52 at 2 this afternoon, at 4:30 it was 43, at 5 it was 39 and at 6 it was 33.6. Dropped down to freezing at 6:30 and has been hovering around freezing all evening. Brrrr - now you understand why Token is bundled up (laughing). Folks in Portland are gonna be waking up to temps in the 20's and snow. I love living on the coast since the ocean mitigates the temperature but that means no snow here for me - just rain.

Gary The Wood Guy is bringing me more wood Tuesday. Yeah! Stephanie has said she will help lug wood upstairs for me while splitting her time between here and her sister's in Beaverton until she finds a job and housing. Yeah! I promised to cook in return. I hope I remember how - it has been a while yannno (laughing).


  1. Rachel Ray to the rescue!
    Thoity minute meals baby.
    That shit rocks.

  2. dood - i made cheesy onion soup tonight - haven't made that soup in 20 years or so - dayam good on a cold wet day.

    i've been watching food network - but it is hard to cook with the tv and computer at the other end of the house from the kitchen.