Monday, January 12, 2009

Moonlight Sonata

Laid back kinda days - it has not been stormy - just overcast or fogged in. No moonlight tonight with all the fog but yet - the brightness of the not quite full moon glows through the fog. The fog sat between the spit and the peaceful retreat on the bay for most of the afternoon. Late in the afternoon, the fog started to roll in and I could no longer see the far point across the cove, making trees appear ghostly - everything seemed to be shades of black and white and gray.

I forgot to mention that while I was shopping with Jen, my landlord was putting in a new dishwasher - I finally have enough of a load to run it and it is a lot quieter than the one that died. I've been figuring out all the where of what I got shopping - filling the cannisters, hanging the pots and pans on the rack, figuring where to put the turbo charged kitchen garbage can. Have stored all my bakeware and my silverware is now in the expandable separator.

I've been watching a lot of cooking shows on The Food Network. After not having the desire to really cook for several years, I gotta prime my pump so to speak - the youngest daughter is moving to Oregon in early February and will be staying with me while she hunts for a job and housing. I've not had anyone to cook for since 2003.

Moonlight Sonata
- composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.


  1. AHA!

    Another Food Network junkie!

    That is about all I will watch on the TV while I am at my folks and they have satellite TV.
    More channels than you can shake a stick at.

    It's forkin' hard to cook for one.
    Everything is geared for feeding multiple people and I have shit for freezer space at The Rat Hole.

    It's nice to see you getting settled in dear.



  2. the cable channels up here do not have some of the channels i watched down in ca - I am forced to broaden my horizons watching new stuff - watching TFN is sure to broaden more than just my hips

  3. I don't cook like I used to-not even close plus I only eat about half as much. It's a bit of a dilema but hope to do better.

    Supper tonight is a chocolate malt.

  4. that's a lot of it one fly - cooking for one means i am eating one forking chicken for a solid week.

    tonight, i'm deciding between the ny cheesecake slice or the chocolate mouse in the fridge. maybe i'll have themm after some rice krispie french toast.