Friday, January 23, 2009

Sailor Delight

Tonight's sunset had possiblities. It was overcast all day but around 4pm, the clouds thinned on the horizon so I grabbed the camera.

The sun began to emerge from behind the clouds.

Tonight had become promising.

Very promising indeed.

Suddenly, the wood walls inside my living room were bathed in a soft orange light. Everything outside was bathed in a glow.

And then it was if I were wearing rosy red sunglasses.

Twas a great way to end a good week. Our new President has his hands full but seems to be doing a lot to end torture, close Gitmo, and get us out of Iraq. A good start and a lovely way to close out the week.


  1. Yes it was and it's snowing here.

  2. snow! snow is still new to me so i think it is great (as long as i don't have to go anywhere)

    stay warm and dry one fly

  3. my dad taught me that at an early age cygnus