Saturday, January 10, 2009

Return of the Sun

Everything is drying out today. Other than losing power for about 3 hours during the worst of the storm Wed nite, I was fine. Hell, with no power, I was fine - I fired up the ipod, lit a buncha candles and settled in with a roaring fire, good tunes, and water heating on the wood stove for a cup of french-pressed coffee until the power came back on.

Gary, my wood guy, brought me some wood before the storm hit and will be bringing the rest this weekend. He is such a nice guy - brought it right upstairs and stacked it next to the stove and then was on his way to a thingie at one of the kids' school.

Monday I went shopping with Jen in Beaverton. I now have a fairly well equipped kitchen. Fork - no more excuses for not buying what I need to bake and cook as I should instead of going for the easy meal (laughing). Had a great time shopping with Jen, who knew exactly where to go for what I needed. I swear, she was born knowing how to shop.

Pictures of Friday's sunset taken during about a 30 minute period.


  1. It's so much better when the sun comes out and it's out here too but cold.

    Have a bunch of snow blowing to do later and a roof to shovel.

  2. oh one fly, that totally sucks. shoveling snow off the roof - blerg - can't ya just blow it off with the blower?

  3. No can do Suzanne. Many have to do this depending on the profile of your house.

    I'm trailer trash now and when you live in a trashy trailer this is part of the game. Worked for about three hours and got the blowing done and maybe a quarter of the roof. I'm shot.

    Rich people hire it done and that runs into hundreds of dollars. Kid next door did mine a few days ago for 30. He's getting a call to finish it.

    Not rich but I can swing 30.