Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday The Clouds Parted

Sunday it rained all day. No, it stormed all day. Wind blowing the rain sideways against the windows. Woke up to the house creaking and the storm howling outside trying to get in. A check of the weather had the gusts only in the mid to high 30's but it sure sounded a lot faster and stronger when it woke me up. Stayed that way all day.

Then, right before sunset, the clouds parted - for a brief moment there was sunshine. Sure it was low on the horizon and not strong but it energized me. I quickly grabbed the camera and took these before it went away.

Woke up to sunny today but it didn't last. By midday, it had clouded over again and now it is drizzling. But it is ok - I got some sunshine and blue skies. The rain is starting to come down harder now but I've got a fire going in the wood stove. Tis warm and cozy inside watching the rain fall straight down (no wind). Bailey is on the pet pad by the stove and Token is on my lap. He's gonna get the blame for any typos in this post.

UPDATE 8pm: Now it is hailing so hard I can not hear the tv. I love the wildness of the weather here - it certainly is not boring like California weather was.


  1. I always enjoy your photos; gotta stop in more often.

    So let it be written...
    (Or "So Mote It Be" if you prefer...)


  2. i love so mote it be - and first, do no harm. please, stop by again cygnus - tis my pleasure posting them so that others may enjoy

  3. "And Do No Harm"...

    None indeed . That is the law. O.K... technical accuracy prevails:

    "And harm ye none, Do what thou Wilt"

    Crowley, that Cheeky Monkey!

    I'll definitely visit more frequently...

    We do enjoy!
    keep 'em comin'!!!

    Bright blessings, Lady...

  4. blessed be cygnus

  5. Great pics Suz! The third one down, simple incredible for teh green. That's for a gallery some day . . . .

  6. thanks larue - when the sun is low on the horizon, the way the light lights up the cove - well it just glows.