Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy Days

A lovely day at the peaceful retreat on the bay. Bright blue skies matched only by the sparkling waters of the bay. Birds flying overhead, ducking and swooping as they dance in the air. An eagle soars past, its wings extended as it sails overhead, and all the small birds scurry to their hidey-holes. After it passes, the birds return to their frolicking.

Took the car into town for repair to the right rear tire which had a slow leak. The nice man at Les Schwab said I did not need to replace the tires yet and examined the leaky tire. After about 20 minutes, I was told that there had been a nail in it, it was now patched and there was no charge. Wow, I sure as heck know where I'm going to get tires when I need them.

Came back home instead of running the rest of my errands. Tis way too lovely to be scurrying around town - tis a day for lounging about in the sunshine watching the show Mother Nature provides. A day with temps in the 60's is not meant to be driving around town doing errands nor to be inside the house. Token is on the deck soaking up the sun and I'm off to join him.


  1. Damn, yer livin the large life ya are, Suz. *G*

    Lovely descript of what I woulda done, too. *G*

  2. thanks larue twas a lovely day indeed and it wudda been sinful not to enjoy it *g*

  3. And ya might wanna consider some Spanky McFarlane, and Our Gang.

    Lazy DaysShe was SUCH a voice . . . . bless her.

  4. DAng, yer on the fast response mode!

    I got me a 6 week eye condition, inflamed nerve.

    Seeing double. It's hell to surf and post.

    Hope my typing came out ok to read . . .*G*

  5. FORK larue - that sux. i'm so sorry to hear that

    and i love spanky and our gang - music for summer indeed :)

  6. Bless ya sister . . . I'm gonna pull a Busted, G'Thud.

    Mayberry, he can chew on what I laid on him. ;-)