Friday, April 03, 2009


Weather dood said it will be 60 tomorrow and 70 Sunday and even warmer Monday. I don't believe him. This is what today looked like today - the high today was 45. I really don't know if we can warm 15 degrees in one day up here but color me skeptical. He also said the clouds are leaving and that it will get down into the 30's tonight. Ha. It has been in the 30's at night here for quite some time now with cloud cover. I'm looking up and seeing dark gray, not-as- dark gray, and lighter gray and no blue.

Prove me wrong, weather dood.

I am ready for some warm sunny days instead of gray ones with occasional 'sun breaks'. That is the official term for when the ever present gray clouds part for anywhere from a few seconds to at most a couple minutes in order to remind one what sunshine looks like. No where near enough sun to be called partly sunny so they use the term sun breaks.


  1. I'll believe that when I start sweating. The local weather dudes and dudettes up her think it will be a couple of degrees warmer on Monday than tomorrow. That seems more logical.

  2. cujo, i just wanna be able to wear something besides fleece (laughing). i guess i'm just ready for spring before spring is.

    i'm impatient. i wanna see what all is gonna bloom and what it looks like.

    and i wanna take pictures that have a color besides gray.