Monday, August 18, 2008

Rain Falling Down

Jimmy LaFave and band with Rain Falling Down. Live stills shot by Pete Lacker and composed by Bryan Peterson per the utube page.

It has been a lovely day. Woke up to big booming thunder that made the house shake. Had thunderstorms off the coast all day and enjoyed the ear candy nature was providing. Tonight, it has rained most of the night - from sprinkles to downpour and back to sprinkles again. The thunder and lightning has continued with many new flashes occurring while I am still hearing the thunder from the previous flash. I am totally enjoying Oregon.

Walked down the hill to the beach today but found a gazillion logs wedged up against the bluff where the trail ends. I'm sure there is another way to getting to the beach without having to climb over all those logs. No way I was gonna do that (laughing) - not with my fake knee and my well documented history of being a klutz. Still, I stood at the trail's end, watching the surfers (the waves were not all that great today) and the people walking on the beach.

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