Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oregon is forking gorgeous (at least along the coast). I enjoyed all the eye candy on the drive - around dang near every turn and on the other side of each hill were crashing waves, dramatic cliffs and rocks. I really am gonna have to get off my tushkie and get a digital camera so I can share just how forking gorgeous it really is.

I got in yesterday afternoon and was too forking tired to do much - unpacked part of my suitcases, ate some dinner and went to bed! Slept the best sleep I've had in weeks - I don't think I woke up once after I nodded off - very rare indeed.

Was going to walk on the beach at sunset tonight but forgot that I had to be at the lake early tonight. I did find a grocery store today and did some shopping - but it was Safeway and I prefer to have better food than that. I got really spoiled with the market I used up on the mountain - fresh and locally produced with an emphasis on natural and organic. Didn't see too much of that at Safeway. But it is close - just a few miles down the road.

There are lots of drive through expresso stands up here. I think is this my kinda area (laughing).

The vacation rental is just perfectly sized - 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths single story. No ocean views but one block to the south of me is the beach and one block to the west is the edge of the bluff overlooking all that crashing surf onto the rocks stuff. Just far away that it is not loud enough to register as noise but if ya listen for it, ya can hear it. It was foggy up here yesterday but today was sunny with big fluffy clouds constantly changing. Tonight, foggy and quiet with no wind.

The neighborhood here reminds me of up on the mountain - a mix of full time residents and vacation folks. Lotsa trees (no redwoods tho) and ferns, azaleas and rhoddys. Moss on the trees. Annual rainfall per the neighbors is 80" - 5 more than I got there. So far, a good match - just not sure if I am in a Kaiser coverage area. Will have to figure that out before I find where my where is.


  1. Suzanne-it seems your adventure is working out quite nicely.Good on you!

  2. thanks one fly. i did some exploring today - walked down to the beach - watched the surfers out just this side of the point. listened to the booming thunder off the coast all day (it was forking great) and the sun just broke through the clouds. ca weather was so boring and i'm looking forward to what the future brings.