Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wisteria In Bloom

First, a little geography. I live in a special place just outside of town. My little slice of heaven was formerly a private campground owned by the Elks Club and consisted of campsites, a large common bbq area, and a much older large house converted into a clubhouse back in the day.

The land, 12 and 1/2 acres, is now owned as one parcel by our Association and we each own our house and one share in the Association. We are surrounded by water on three sides and are blocked by a large hill on the fourth. I am just across the river from town yet isolated from town. The only way in and out of our "compound" is via the wooden bridge. Very private setting.

The campsites became sleeping platforms and eventually those were converted into cabins. The cabins are now houses, some added onto, others look just as they did when they were built. There are 24 houses and the clubhouse.

The clubhouse has a large rec room and kitchen on one half and the other side of the house is where the caretaker lives, who takes care of the grounds. Inside the rec room there are still Elk momentos. In a side yard of the clubhouse stands an old oak which looks to be older than the clubhouse. Climbing this old oak is an old wisteria with its large branches wrapping around the old oak trunk clear up to the top.

It is currently in bloom and is a sight to behold. I took these pictures this afternoon but they do not do this old oak covered in purple flowers justice.

The picture above was taken standing at the base of the oak looking up. You can see some of the wisteria blooms in it.

The picture below was trying to show the blooms at the top of the tree.

This is a close up looking at the top of the tree. Note all the purple showing. When the light is just right, which unfortunately it wasn't in this picture, the tree glows purple.

Joanie, these pictures are for you.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Suz, thanks for the description of your campground compound. You have never described it to me. Now I'm clearer on where you live. Thank you for the Wisteria photos. First time I've seen pics of Wisteria. Is it a vine type of thing? Thank you again sweetheart. H&K

  2. Wisteria is a viney shrub thing. They are very Japanese and Chinese, with the purple blooms hanging down like lanterns. The petals are beautiful when they fall on the patio or ground. The trunk of a wisteria will twist and tendril around whatever it supporting it. They can get very old, and you can tell if it is young or old by how big around the trunk gets (like a tree gets bigger around with age).

    You are welcome for the photos. Wanted to send you some spring, being as you are down in LA County.