Friday, May 19, 2006

Raining In The Rain Forrest

Good thing I like the rain. The weather dude is saying we are looking at rain all weekend. My year to date total for rain is 74 and 1/4 inches before including whatever I get this weekend. Being double Irish, I had just set out my table and chairs just two days ago. All winter, they usually are stored under the eaves in tarps.

My first peony blossom. Bought this plant down in Ben Lomond (3 miles down the hill) last fall. Didn't know what color it would be and I am very happy. It bloomed in time for Mother's Day and that flower is literally dinner plate sized.

Additionally, a picture of Token, also known as "Grumpy", sitting next to the peony. He was not cooperating, but then I have rarely known a male who cooperates at picture taking time.

Token and Goldie are curled up on their pillow in front of the fireplace insert, dreaming doggie dreams. Bailey is alternating between preening herself in front of the dining window and curling up , waiting for this band of showers to stop before she heads back outside to unsuccessfully stalk birds and brazen hussy squirrels.

I've got one possible buyer (fingers and toes crossed) for the house. Don't want to jinx anything (that double Irish thing) so I'm not going to say anything more on that. A friend of a friend kind of thing.

Been spending my time waiting for Fitzo-de-Mayo and checking out housing along the central and northern Oregon coast (Tillamook and Lincoln Counties). Kaiser's southermost Oregon facilities are in Salem so I'm keeping that travel time in mind. So far, the plan is to sell, move to Oregon, and rent until I figure out the pro's and con's of these areas along the Coast.

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