Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Steps Forward

Two steps forward, one step back is a line in this video by Paula Abdul and is appropriate for where I'm at.

Kaiser sent a very nice young man to Jen's house to check on me today -- it was called a PT appt but really was a check to see how I am doing and what issues could cause problems with mobility around the house. He was very helpful and laughingly told me that he was NOT going to be telling me to do more. He said I could only use the walker as far as the hall bath and that I should be using the wheelchair more. He said as my pain levels and swelling reduce, I should spend more and more time sitting in the the wheelchair and not laying in the hospital bed.

He also told me that standing is exercise (!) and that I should stand when I felt up to it -- with the caveat of holding onto the walker and no weight bearing on my right leg, etc. Said I'll have a call next week setting up another visit - guess I get them weekly. He checked my blood pressure (great) and my toes and asked about my pain levels, etc.

Got a care package of yummy homemade cookies and banana bread from my friend Mary Mac today -- made me all teary knowing that I have friends like Mary Mac who care enough to send me goodies. Her timing was great - I was feeling a little low after today's appointment knowing that I have a very long and slow recovery ahead of me. I promise to share the goodies with Jen, Stephanie, and Mike. Poor Julianna doesn't know what she's missing :)

Still haven't heard from Joanie -- hope she calls soon.


  1. Suz, I have been living a new life with LM and the oldsters, no access to web over there, or little. My life is way too busy right now to be of any help, but I do think of you and am sending good healing to you every day.

  2. hey bg -- thanks for the good healing thoughts -- i hope things settle down with lm and things ease for you (((bg)))

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Oh, Suze, so good to see you typing! Glad to hear banana bread and cookies cheer you up.

    Bet your PT will be weekly until you can bear weight on the leg, then it'll ramp up. Heh.

    Zip around in the wheelchair til then. Take said she likes the ride, right?

    So good to see you at late late night.
    Hands on the monitor...healing thoughts....ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. thanks hon -- forking GREAT banana bread and cookies :) after i can bear weight, i bet the PT sheds its 'nice' persona and become the task driving drill sgt 'give me one more' PT that i remember

  4. Donna8:23 PM

    Suz, pretty soon it will be three steps forward, one back, then four forward, five, and on and on. I guarantee! (like Justin Wilson used to say). Mary Mac is a good lady to send you that care package of goodies! I bet you all are enjoying them.

    I've been busy with on-the-job training with my new gig, or else I'd be popping in here and on FB more than I do. But you're never far from my thoughts :-) Love ya lots, sending hugs!

  5. Yes, standing is an exercise. Do it when you can so your good leg doesn't lose more strength. It's also better for your heart if you aren't prone a lot, so sit if you can't stand.

    It's always good, too, to have healthcare visitors like the one you have, regardless as to their title or nominal purpose. They can make a huge difference.

    Here's hoping you continue to mend well. Best wishes. :)

    1. hey entropy -- good to see your fonts at my wee little place. thanks for stopping by.

      i'm using a walker -- am now permitted to go as far as the end of the hallway and when the pt lady comes again next week, she's gonna teach me how to get up and down the stairs -- i'll be able to take a real shower instead of the sponge-bath i've been doing in the half bath downstairs -- happy days! she's really good and shows me tricks that make it easier for me to get around. i have a wheelchair and use it when i have to carry something -- like a glass of water :) i stand and do my leg lift exercises she showed me and do leg lifts also while laying in the bed.

      i try to sit in the bed as much as i can but its hard to balance that with the need to keep my foot above my heart -- have to be flat on the bed and then raise the foot of the bed to get it up there. tis a balance between the foot swelling when sitting and keeping it up high enough to reduce swelling. i prefer sitting.

      to be truthful, i prefer real walking :) i was fearful about how my 'good' leg would handle all the weight bearing since i've had a total knee replacement on the now 'good' leg but it seems to be handling it well (knocking on wood). only a minimum of 8 and 1/2 weeks of no weight bearing to go!

      thanks for your good wishes -- hope to see ya round here again.

  6. I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.