Sunday, February 19, 2012


I found a voicemail from an old friend that I had lost touch with the day after I got out of the hospital -- my cellphone was dead so it didn't record her number as an incoming call.

I had thought she was dead - her email bounced and her cell # was disconnected and I could not find her street address anywhere -- and I burst into tears when I heard her voice.

I've been checking my ATT account daily but so far, the number she called from has not been registered in my activity *and* she didn't leave the number in her voicemail.

So, Joanie Balonie -- I'm hoping you read this, realize that the ONLY reason I've not called you back is that I don't have your new number and call me! I want to talk to you so badly......


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Suze, I feel for there any possibility that if you called At&T they could track the number for you? I know, the likelihood is low in these days of "anti-customer service", but it might be worth a shot, when you feel up to it.


  2. cheryl -- per the att activity page, if she was calling from a non-att phone, depending on her provider it may take between two and ten days before the info is available. is why i put the post up -- i didn't want her to think i was blowing her off and i hope and pray that she checks here and/or calls me again.