Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is Stephanie, Suzanne's youngest. Sorry it has taken me so long to update you all on my mom's condition, I have been out of the house all day!

Mom's surgeon called me this afternoon saying that her surgery went well and that they used some bone cement to "adhere" to the tibial plateau to make it flat again, as opposed to taking a bone graph from her hip. I talked to her not to long ago and she is REALLY groggy from all the drugs, and the pain :(

She is at:
Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas, OR in room 218A for anyone who wants to know.

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes!



  1. Margot6:31 PM

    Thank you so much, Stephanie. Give her my best!

  2. Donna6:37 PM

    Stephanie, good to hear that your mom's surgery went well! Thank you for updating us.

  3. Stephanie, please tell your mom how much we love her and how glad we are that she's on this side of her surgery! And thanks to you for taking care of your fall-down relatives!

  4. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Whew! What a relief, Stephanie! We really appreciate your putting in this extra effort to let us know, and for taking care of your sister, niece, AND Mom.

    And, what Teddy said, above.


  5. Petrocelli7:10 PM

    *wOOt* ... that means a less complicated surgery, ergo quicker recovery.

    Pls give Suz many hugs & kisses from her many, many friends. We eagerly await her return !

  6. Laura8:06 PM

    Thanks so much for the update. Sending best thoughts. And take care of yourself, dear caretaker!!!

  7. Anonymous8:49 PM

    So glad your mom is on the road to recovery and that you are there to care for her....and for Jen. Take care of yourself, too. Thanks for updating us.


  8. Huzzah! Thank you, Stephanie, and please do pass our regards to the surgeon. So grateful your mom had a great surgeon! Give Suzanne our love.

    Hugs to you! You've been utterly amazing. Let us know if you need anything, okay?

  9. PeasantParty5:05 AM

    Suzanne! Hugs and more hugs. How brave and strong you are. Universal healing thoughts are being sent to you from all the Pups.

  10. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Thank you for posting this Stephanie. Big (Hugs) to your Mom and one for you too. Did you ever imagine you'd be in this spot...? Taking care of the Clan is a lot of work and hat's off to you taking on the assignment.

    Super-healing thoughts to the ladies. Take care of yourself too so they'll be up and kickin' in short order.

  11. Thanks for the up date Stephanie. Sending healing energy Suz way.


  12. Aloha, Stephanie...! Mahalo for the update, and taking care of the wounded and the Jujube...! Best healing wishes to Jen and Suz...! *g*

  13. Margot2:26 PM

    More hugs, we miss you something fierce, Suz. Thanks Stephanie for posting here and for all you're doing.

  14. thank you stephanie for posting this for me -- and thanks to all that commented for saying such nice things to her for doing so.