Monday, August 01, 2011

Four Generations

In this picture is Jen, me, Julianna, and Julianna's great-great aunt Mary.

I have to share this video of Jujube's reaction to tasting a drop of apple juice. She Did. Not. Like. and wanted everyone to know it. I can't wait until she starts talking -- she's gonna be a hoot!


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I like! The 4 generations, I mean. Lovely pic...and even you are in it!


  2. *laughing* thanks tejan -- mary is my mom's sister and i've not seen her in a wee bit more than 3 years.

  3. That's a concentrated dose of awesome women, that is! I can't wait to see who Julianna becomes - she has amazing examples to follow, and I think, based on her no-nonsense reaction to a juice she didn't like, she will be the kind of woman who, while generous and sweet as - well, apparently not apple juice, not in her opinion - sweet as clover honey, she will take charge, won't take nonsense, and will just by being herself cause the world to adjust itself around her. And the world will be happy to do it!

    In other words, I think she'll be quite a bit like you.

  4. i'm so looking forward to seeing julianna become julianna. the glimpses of her personality that i've seen tell me she's gonna be a sweet little handful with a mind of her own.

    aw, shucks *kicking dirt* thanks dana