Thursday, May 26, 2011

Six and One Half Weeks

Spent yesterday afternoon at Jen's. I watched Jujube while Jen ran errands. I had a blast! I took this video of her in her bouncer trying to capture a smile -- yes, Julianna smiles now -- but wasn't lucky enough to snag it :( Her bouncer has pink petals that surround the head area -- there's a picture of it below -- but I covered the petals with her blanket for the video.

I also took pictures... a lotta pictures. These are the best of the best:

She's propped up against the boppy in her crib-- isn't she just adorable! I love those socks that look like Mary Jane shoes. So glad I got them for Jen's baby shower. They are even cuter on Julianna than they were in the package. Jen says they don't kick off like some of her other socks do.

Julianna, still propped up in her crib, but she's cooing at me. She is so alert now and I am getting glimpses of her personality. She is so good natured -- if only she would sleep at night instead of trying to be a night owl like her Grammy.

Jujube loves her bouncer! I love how the 'flower petals' on the bouncer surround her head. I almost captured her smile in this picture.

As always, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Jen said Julianna's appt with the hip specialist went well Tuesday and that Jujube has to wear the brace for an additional six weeks. The doctor was confident that she will not need the brace longer than that.


  1. Middle pic:
    "Hey gram! -- get me a beer while yer up, 'kay?"

  2. (laughing) i was thinking more like groucho marx -- say the secret woid

  3. Ahh, I'm so happy for you Granny.

    Hugz, btw, the secret is out.

  4. woohoo busted -- congrats dood!!!

    i'm so forking happy for ya, my friend

  5. NastyKnuckles?


    What's the new celebrity nickname?


  6. teddy you crack me up!!!

  7. ** start spreadin' the word.... **