Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apple Blossom Sunset

No new Jujube pics so I'm sharing some apple blossom photos I took Saturday and tonight's sorta sunset. As you can see, the actual sun setting has moved to the north and is blocked by the large stand of trees to my northwest. You can see the blooming rhododendron on the north side of my deck to the right of the sunset:

This is the view from my deck taken at the same time.

Tis the first color I've had at sunset in a long time. Weather dood tonight is predicting four (4!) days of no rain in a row. I'm not sure if I'm gonna believe him but ... tonight's pretty in pink sunset after today being yet another day of rain sure was a hope raiser.


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    So beautiful!!

  2. thanks -- its nice to have some eye candy for a change. been way overdue :)

  3. LoudounLib12:51 AM

    Gorgeous eye candy there Suz! Your rhododendron must be really spectacular...I love them.

  4. hey ll -- thanks. there are 3 rhodys on the property that are old... the two oldest are tree sized and are on the driveway side of the house -- when i'm in the kitchen or dining room or breakfast room (all on that side of the house) i can look out my second story windows and see the blooms -- they are tree like.

    this deck one is younger but still old -- and drops its sticky husks onto the deck -- tis the time of year not to walk barefoot down the stairs. token has been using the back deck to save his wee little paws. those husks or hulls or whatever they are are forking sharp and sticky.

  5. We are starting the third day of five with rain. It sucks so bad and major flooding is inevitable.

  6. one fly -- the cascades in oregon are something like 198% of normal snowpack -- already had some flooding in eastern oregon

    here, as in co, the worry is that rain will cause the snow to melt all at once -- fingers and toes crossed that your major inevitable flooding isn't as bad as predicted dood

  7. Ditto, One Fly.

    Meanwhile, love the apple blossom pictures, Suzanne. It was so rainy the last few weeks I didn't get out much to take pictures of them here.

  8. thanks cujo -- all those beautiful cherry blossom photos you took encouraged me to snag the apple blossoms -- just had to wait for it to stop forking raining long enough to take the pictures :)