Monday, May 09, 2011

Grammy Mothers Day Fix

I had a wonderful visit with Jen, Mike, and Julianna yesterday. I remembered not only to take my camera but I also remembered take pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mike, Jujube, and Jen. Look at all the love in this picture. You can see her brace clearly in this photo -- she goes back to the specialist later this month. Jen says that Jujube doesn't seem to even notice that she's in a brace.

Such a big stretch as she was waking up.

She then immediately was trying to touch the camera. Is that a hint of a smile I see on Jujube's face?

Jen and Julianna -- I could watch Jen smile all day long -- she's radiant.

Partially out of the brace for a diaper change. She's gotten longer and is starting to plump up.

Had a great time getting my grammy fix and celebrating Jen's first Mothers Day. Stephanie called my cell while I was at Jen's -- almost as good as her being there like she was the last time I was there.


  1. LoudounLib7:54 PM

    There's the little love-bug! Really sweet pics Suz; I especially love the daddy/mommy/jujube pic, and the one where she's reaching for the camera and grinning a bit. So glad you could get some more grammy time!

  2. thanks ll -- she's a real cutie patootie. she's starting to show her personality a wee bit and is more alert now. she just keeps getting cuter and cuter -- not a huge surprise when ya look at her mom and dad :)

  3. ZOMG finally pictures! She's utterly adorable. Thank you!

  4. hey dana -- she loves having her picture taken and i'm more than happy to indulge her :)

  5. emerson11:53 PM

    Hey Suz, that Julianna is a little person now. Pix #3 is my favorite. She knows who her grandmother is. The only thing missing is a wink!

  6. emerson! its my fav too -- i swear, she's gonna be a flirty redhead :)