Monday, August 30, 2010

A Star

Not much color in tonight's sunset. But that doesn't mean there wasn't any eye candy. If you look at the lower left of the above photo, you'll see birds on the bay, feeding on the goodies exposed as the tide went out. Here's a closeup of some of them:

A wee bit of color in this one.

If ya click on this one and make it bigger, and then click on it again and make that bigger, you will see a star in the center.

Went into town this afternoon and got a haircut. Called my wood guy to get more wood and that's about all the excitement I had today. Another peaceful day on the bay. Had some sprinkles last night but not much rain. Weather dood says to expect more showers tomorrow.

Tis starting to feel like fall. There is a crispness in the air that tells me the apples will be ready for picking soon. Soon I will be making soups and stews and other hearty food to help keep me warm from the inside out.


  1. I love that star shining over the bay! Have I told you lately I totally envy your living situation? ;-)

    Leaves are turning up here. One day, maybe, I'll get used to such short summers. Right now, though, I'm regretting all the things I didn't get round to and obsessively checking the weather report to see if we'll get second chances!

  2. gotta spare bedroom dana -- come on down and see for yourself. wifi too

    i'm still trying to figure out when and if i can make it up to seattle before running the risk of ice on the roads. saw on the news tonight a report of an inch of snow fell at a lake in oregon this morning -- up in the cascades i think. the clock is ticking down and summer is almost over.

  3. LoudounLib8:47 PM

    Oh yes, I definitely love these photos too! I would never tire of watching that sky each evening.

    I wish we had that touch of fall in the air here, but not yet. We're still having days in the 90's here; it'll probably be a while yet until it turns cool. I'm so looking forward to it -- fall in my part of VA is just so gorgeous!

  4. hey ll -- i swear, the windows overlooking the deck are time machines. i'll be looking for just a few minutes and am astonished to find that 45 have gone by. today is cold, windy and rainy -- a day to long for warm sunny days :)

  5. LoudounLib9:08 PM

    I'll trade ya that cold, windy and rainy for a couple of days in the 90's! And hey, right now it's a dry heat...the humidity of the summer is subsiding.

    This spring and summer I haven't done anything at all with my camera -- it's just been too bloody hot. Really looking forward to getting out in the cool weather and going on some photo jaunts -- my favorite thing to do :-)

  6. i see what i can do about sending it eastward ll :)

    looking forward to seeing those fall pics -- i get more color up here than i did in ca but nothing like the east coast -- gotta lotta evergreens