Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Hot In Pictures

Got up to 93 today. Kept the house closed up and my itty bitty fan going and was able to stay somewhat comfortable.

While I was closing the shades on the bay side of the house, I saw a couple of kayaks out in some very shallow water trying to head south. The low tide was just starting to rise but this appeard to be as far as they could go. I dashed outside onto the deck to take a few pictures and then scurried back inside before I got too hot.

If you click on the first picture to make it bigger, you can sorta see them in the water in the center.

Here's a closer view -- they realized they couldn't go any further south and turned around and paddled to the north behind the trees. The water was very shallow.

A little later, I saw birds on the bay where the creek enters the bay. This is the same spot the eagles like to wash up in.

A closeup of the birds on the bay.

High tide and it was finally starting to cool down.

It is almost 1am and still 63 degrees outside. I'm headed outside to see if I can see any meteors tonight -- the skies are clear for the first time in about 3 weeks.


  1. Looks like everybody got well-roasted there today! What a difference a day makes, eh?

    I hope u can haz meteorz!

  2. i stepped onto the deck to watch -- discovered i was the midnight snack for the local bugs and scurried back inside with about a dozen bites on me and *still* didn't see any :(

    guess it wasn't meant to be

  3. GREAT pics Suz, always amazes me how much the water covers up and then exposes in the tide flow. Them birds gotta be eating in that spot with tide out! What's in there? Fishies?

  4. just up the creek is a fish hatchery. the birds seem to be real fond of the sea critters that burrow down into the bay bottom when the tide goes out and pop back up when the tide comes in. the birds follow the tide as it comes in.

    i think there is also some turbulence where the fresh water creek enters the bay as the tide is rising. that's when i see eagles washing up.

    good to see ya larue -- its been a while