Saturday, April 10, 2010


The peony bud has opened -- it took several days -- I took pictures. This was Wed late afternoon:

Starting to open, early Thurs afternoon:

Later that afternoon:


In full bloom today.

As the days pass, the bloom will fade from purplish pink to pink to pale pink to almost white. You can see how the color has gotten lighter this week in these photographs.

Now that it has bloomed, the perfume is starting to develop -- was faint today but based on past experience, tomorrow I won't have to stick my nose in the flower -- I will be able to enjoy the scent just by walking by.


  1. LoudounLib11:02 PM

    Hi Suz, lurkin' at the Lake and I saw your mention of the peony. Wow, it's so pretty! And I can almost catch that distinctive scent from 3000 miles away ;-)

  2. hey LL -- tomorrow it should even be stronger -- if the winds tonight don't blow it to pieces

    tis glorious eye and nose candy