Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fridge Art And Other Pretties

The clouds parted for about a couple hours Wednesday afternoon -- a nice break before the next big storm starts to come in Thursday evening.

My peony bud is getting ready to open. The bud has survived several rounds of hail and strong winds this week. The storm coming in Thursday night is gonna test its resiliency (and my ability to not worry over something I have no control over). This plant usually flowered in early May in Boulder Creek.

I have Fridge Art! I had mentioned that I had none on a recent thread of mine over at the lake -- and in today's mail I found this from my buddy J in NC. Thank you so very much J for sending me some fine Easter Fridge Art from Angelina. Thank you so very much, Angelina, for creating this for me.


  1. LoudounLib7:42 PM

    Very cute fridge art! Isn't it fun? We only have one young kid left in the family, and soon he'll grow out of wanting to do things like that.

    Oooh and I love peonies -- can't wait to see another shot of yours in full bloom!

  2. its been a long time since i've had fridge art -- baby girl is now 21 (my where did the years go)

    the peony is a single layer instead of the fancier double ruffle -- this one gets a flower about as wide as a dinner plate and the perfume -- zowie it will knock your socks off :)

    hope the projected 70-80 mph gusts coming in with that big storm tonight don't fork it up. tis the only flower bud the peony has produced this year -- so far...

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

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  4. LoudounLib8:32 PM

    Sending positive vibes for a gentle breeze instead of the 70-80 mph wind (yikes!)

  5. thanks ll -- this old house has withstood winds in excess of 120 mph so i'm sure we will sail though this one -- sounding like an old wooden sailboat on stormy seas with all the creaking (laughing)

  6. Mmmm. Clouds, flowers, fridge art. Angelina needn't have labeled the bunny. It was very bunny-like.

  7. hey cujo -- i love having a wee bit of sunshine on my fridge to balance all the gray outside.

    sure has felt like january this week -- brrr