Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I drove up to Astoria today. Remembered to bring my camera. There was a huge cruise ship at dock near the spindly looking Astoria Bridge -- was perfectly placed for a great picture. Hunted around for a place to pull over that still gave me the perspective of the ship with the bridge behind it, pulled into some parking lot and grabbed the camera.

Unfortunately, I neglected to check my batteries in the camera. Deader than a doornail.

I've got them charging now but am sad to say there are no pictures of the ocean crashing into rocks offshore at Oswald West State Park either. As I drove north on 101 to Astoria, I scoped out all the places to pull off 101 southbound to take pictures. I still pulled over and enjoyed the views on my way home but the camera stayed in the car. I regret not being able to share the beauty of the Oregon Coast with ya as I had planned.

On a side note, I doubt I would ever drive over that 4 and 1/2 mile long Astoria Bridge. Take a look at these pictures online and I think you will understand. Yikes.


  1. Ahh, ya wuss.
    I been over that bridge several times.

    It's nice ya got to go do some sight seeing, I been wondering how ya been, ain't talked to ya for a while.

    Beautiful scenery no doubt about it.
    Say Hi to Bailey and Token for me.


    My confirmation word is Phookc!!!

  2. hard to drive over it with my eyes squeezed shut while praying dood... i swear those legs look as rickety as a toothpick and glue bridge designed by cub scouts.

  3. and busted, that's a funny way of spelling fork..... the captatext folks forgot the r

  4. Do you have a charger that works in your car? If you don't, you can get an inverter that will plug into your cigarette lighter and run just about anything you could possibly want to run in the car for less than $30.

    Lots of places sell them now. My local Freddy's even has them.

    Extra batteries are a good idea, too. If you have an external charger, you can charge one while using the other. At least, you can if they're rechargeable.

    This might seem obvious, but I wish I'd thought of all this before I took that road trip last summer...

  5. thanks cujo -- i'll check out what freddies has. i've got them all recharged and ready to go.

    wish i wudda thought of that -- i cudda stopped at freddies in astoria