Monday, March 08, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

Saturday was a lovely day until a chilly breeze blew in late Saturday afternoon ahead of Sunday's rain. Before the wind cooled it off, I got up to 65. Nice to have a day of warm before today's chilly rain. Weather dood is still saying snow levels down to around the 1,000 ft level Monday night, Tuesday, and maybe even Wednesday. There is a good chance there will be snow on the valley floor and possibly even in the Portland metro area. Already down to 39 here and am keeping an eye on the temperatures in case I need to move some of my potted plants on the deck indoors. The really cold air mass from Alaska is supposed to arrive Monday evening.

My creeping rosemary is in bloom (middle picture) as is the lemon thyme. The chives also survived the winter's freeze and are doing well. The rest of the plants in those two planters are still iffy. The peony bud is getting bigger but there still are not many leaves on it -- just those around the bud up top with nothing sprouting yet further down the stems. The fuschias are way overdue for a repotting -- another chore to add to my spring list. Bulbs (daffs and maybe tulips?) are coming up in another pot but no blooms yet.

I'm headed to the grocery store Monday afternoon to do some long overdue stocking up on basics. Tis one of those times when it seems I'm out of everything -- I am not looking forward to carrying all those grocery bags up the stairs but I am looking forward to a fully stocked pantry again.

Am thinking of taking some road trips. Want to drive up Mt Hood and see Timberline Lodge and then do the same with Mt. Rainer and its Paradise Lodge. Have some friends to visit in the Seattle area and I also want to drive across the border into Canada to get the first stamp in my passport. The biggie road trip is wanting to drive to Colorado and see Stephanie and then swing south to Arizona to see my mom, stepdad, and sister. Got wandering fever again and I'm way overdue for a roadtrip.

Dion -- The Wanderer.


  1. Now that ya have a decent car, I would have worried to death if you had taken off in that other beater!!

  2. thanks to you busted -- this is a road car, not a back and forth to the store putzer.


  3. Suz, you got a car? A newer car than what you hauled thru Sacto in?

    Cuz, I'm readin this thread and wondering how the HAYALL you expect to do ANY road trip in the thing you came thru in . . .

    Heat AND AC are essential for road trips!!!

  4. yup -- picked up an old k car just this past weekend. an 87 plymouth (or is it a dodge) caravelle (?) 4door. (too cold to go out and look to confirm which).

    in great shape, runs like a champ, and a price that could not be beat. reminds me of the old detective cars i've driven -- sorta expect to look down and see a dash mounted mic.

    this one has power windows and doors, power drivers seat, power steering, auto transmission. i've not checked out the a/c yet but have no reason to doubt that it works cause everything else does.

  5. I wouldn't doubt that Plymouth had their cars on cop beats. Back in '71 my folks bought a new one that was a CHP Test Model . . . . a Valiant, beefed up suspension and braking . . . they got the V6 but the CHP version I think was an 8 cylinder . . . and more goodies, too.

    Plymouth used to make really, really reliable cars, your Caravelle sounds like it's one of them!!! *G*

  6. its a great car larue -- the kinda car that is gonna be great on a road trip (if i ever get off my tushkie and forking plan and do it)