Monday, March 08, 2010


Twas an great weather geek day. First there was sunshine earlier in the day but then it started to cloud up. Didn't get all that warm today (only in the 50's) and a half hour before sunset it was already down to 39. That cold air from Alaska is certainly here.

Had several bands of hail pass through late afternoon and tonight. At times it was coming down pretty hard:

While taking this picture of the first band of hail to roll through, I saw my neighbor running back home along the mud of low tide. I figure he was out clamming and got caught by the hail.

About a half hour later, I had a really strong band of hail and took video (up top of this post). Snow is falling in the Coast Range and the Cascades.

Currently 34 outside. The Jotul wood stove is blazing and keeping it toasty warm inside.


  1. Wow! That is some hail!!! Very cool !

  2. it was amazing shelia. covered the deck quickly -- and i could not believe how high the hail bounced.

    love the weather up here -- actual weather (laughing). last winter i had snow on the beach!!! pictures in my december 08 archieves

  3. it was great woody! hail yes -- dang, i shudda used that as my title :)

  4. LoudounLib8:40 PM

    Hey Suz -- great pics, and I'm a bit of a weather geek too *g* And if you can believe it, I've been on the planet for almost 50 years but I've hardly ever seen hail. For some reason we don't get hail that much around here.

    On the few occasions when I have seen it, it was amazing!

  5. hey ll -- similar to my not being that familiar with snow for the majority of my 55 years....

  6. LoudounLib8:51 PM

    lol -- I would've gladly shipped the bulk of snow from our back-to-back blizzards in Feb. out there for you ;-) We've had some spring-like temps the last few days, but some of the massive snow piles in the parking lots are still around.

    Today I was able to open up some windows in the house, and the kitteh was really diggin' the sunshine from her windowsill.

  7. yay! open windows are a sure sign spring is on the way