Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Morning

Heh, Suzanne is gonna kill me when she sees this.

This is Bustednuckles from Ornery Bastard.

I came to visit and bring back her old car that she left at my friends house when she finally got another car. She is snoozing and I was bored so I turned on this here machine thingy and Lo and Behold.........

I love her place, OMG, real live, honest to God, two by fours!
Big beams, columns, little knick knack shelves,you should see the wood work around here!

Wood everywhere. Very rustic, I love it.
I am watching the little birds flit back and forth on the porch, have the woodstove cranked up and am looking out across the bay.

No wonder why she loves this place.

There is a half black Bluejay chasing the little birds away from the bird feeder as I type.

Man oh man do I miss the coast, I grew up a couple of hundred miles from here.

Anyway. Hugs and kisses to Suzanne, love ya dear. Don't be mad at me, LOL!

She is a very special lady.


  1. No doubt you probably need an ass kicking Busted but not for this.

    It's nice when someone cares and I hope too that in the future there are some 2x6's around me or at the least 2x4's.

    You betcha!

  2. how can i be mad a a lug who let me sleep in and had the fire blazing when i did haul outta bed.

    it was really sweet of busted to drive my old car back over here -- tis a 2 hour drive and the roads are twisty and the old car is manual everything (steering, brakes, tranny, etc). i fixed him a good meal and made up the sofa for him and then drove him home today.

    i had a blast hanging out with the Onery Bastard last night.