Monday, August 03, 2009


I am not a pink kinda gal. Never have been - even though my second ex-husband kept buying me pink dresses and insisted I wear them - pink just is not a color I enjoy. Nonetheless, I find myself with pink in the garden. A lot of the pink was here before I moved in such as this pink geranium

and the pink roses that climb (and try to eat) the stairs.

I've always been a purples and blues kinda gardener

and yet ...

there be pinks I've added

and there are other pinks I've shown here before (such as in the post below this).

I'm going to blame the topsy-turvyness of this on having Monday as my day off - that having someone joyfully looking forward to Mondays has caused a disruption in the force of the universe. Tis karmic payback and karma has a twisted sense of humor.

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