Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Monday

How I spent my Monday Monday:

Watching the ripples on the bay created by the southwesterly winds that turned the normally placid bay into a huge glitter patch.

Looking at all the pollen piling up on shore as the tide comes in.

Pretty quiet bird day - only this big guy was flying.

The clouds swirling.

Picked some flowers from the downstairs gardens including some of the pink rose that tries to eat the stairs.

Not bad for an M-word day off. The hired girls came today and washed down all the kitchen cabinets and windows and brought up more wood for my nightly fires. Even though it was 78 here today, the evening will have the usual damp chill that goes hand in hand with being waterfront. Nothing like a nice fire going in the stove to chase it away.

The blue skies over the bay and spit have been chased away by clouds coming in from the ocean. There is a slight chance of rain tomorrow.

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