Monday, June 08, 2009


Was up on Cape Meares near the lighthouse today at the north platform. Remembered to bring my camera besides the binocs. This is the looking view north from the north platform. Near the two patches of dirt in the upper right hand corner on the far cliff is a peregrine falcon nest with 4 chicks.

Looking down to the Pacific, the closest toe of the cliff in the center foreground is where the black oystercatcher (BLOY) nest is believed to be. Saw one BLOY in the same area today that we saw two last week - just above the black band..

Waves swirling around the small island rocks. The two larger rock islands in the background have bird and sea lion populations

A surfer on the beach south of Oceanside.

Looking south - the mouth of Netarts Bay. The 'finger' of Cape Lookout is jutting almost completely across the horizon. The entrance to Netarts Bay is almost directly in front of Cape Lookout's mt from this angle.

Stopped and had a latte at Brewin' In The Wind in Oceanside. Came back home and putzed around the house instead of doing the stocking up grocery shopping - that will have get done tomorrow. Today is my day off and I'm enjoying the off.

You can click on any of the photos to see them full sized. Much more detail is evident when full size.


  1. Details are incredible, and so are photo's.

    Thanks so much for sharin it all . . .

    Absolutely stunning.

  2. thanks larue. today it is 70 and overcast - glad i was able to head over there yesterday.

    i could feel the wet of the spray the wind carried up from the surf to the top of the cliff where the platform is.

  3. The last two pics make me think 'rogue waves'.

    And that area is FAMOUS for them.

    That surfer is a brave mofo . . . . .

  4. i wanted to zoom on his full body wetsuit but then the forking great rocks in the background would be cut off. rocks won.

    lotsa hazards living on the coast. but there are a lotta benefits too larue.