Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Black Oystercatcher

Spent part of the afternoon up at Cape Meares looking for the Black Oystercatcher and their nests. My landlord invited me to go with her - she is a spotter and it was way kewl. Saw two peregrine falcons flying overhead (they also have nests on the cape). Allison left me a spare set of binoculars in case I want to help spot when she is not out here.

We saw two pair of the oystercatchers but did not spot their nests. Cape Meares has two spotting platforms off the parking lot and we were spotting from the northern platform. Way kewl. Next time I go up, I'm bringing the camera. Forking gorgeous!


  1. thanks newton - wait until i take the camera up there!

  2. I wanna be an oyster catcher.

    Oyster, lil minced garlic, lil minced red onion, some cocktail sauce, lil fresh lime juice, top with Hornito's Tequila.

    Chopped cilantro is extra, and suggested.


  3. larue - hate to disappoint ya but they eat mussels - not oysters. that tequila will turn your nose red like an oystercatchers tho...

  4. You come a my place, we serve ya oyster shooters.

    You likey. *G*

  5. then someone will have to call my mother
    and tell her the shape i'm in


    dammit larue, you keep tempting me and i just might have to forking drive to ca and take ya up on that offer.

    of course, you and the mrs can always kamp in my side yard under the apple tree and next to the hammock.